The School of Styling // Part 1 // Charleston

November 9, 2015

Earlier this summer I had the privilege of doing hair and makeup for the attendees at The School of Styling in Charleston, South Carolina. You might ask yourself, what is The School of Styling? Well The School of Styling is a community for creative individuals looking to deepen their knowledge of business and gain experience styling, no matter their profession. Our goal is to teach and equip new and established wedding and event stylists, interior designers, photographers, bloggers, prop stylists, and business owners how to design and style a space, event, or photo shoot creatively. Whether you attend one of our schools or simply stop by our blog, the goal of TSOS is to leave you feeling educated, inspired, and ready to create something beautiful! Kaitlin Holland who is the founder of TSOS reached out to me to join the TSOS of Charleston by helping to bring alive the hair and makeup visions the attendees had for there models. It was such a wonderful experience and I was beyond grateful for the opportunity to connect with such amazingly talented, and friendly women. I hope you all enjoy the photos from the different shoots as much as I loved working on them!

Here are some “behind the scenes” shoots of TSOS. Enjoy!

TSOSCharleston_RusticWhite251 TSOSCharleston_RusticWhite216 TSOSCharleston_RusticWhite212 TSOSCharleston_RusticWhite213 TSOSCharleston_RusticWhite220 TSOSCharleston_RusticWhite236 TSOSCharleston_RusticWhite228 4QpQq1QhZtao5opdDi1Q4toG27NQgczzbWtn_C86UbQ FKxz-LK25HnhK0JPKKsn6z0BIAGE8nVVlEYjLakUqJw TSOSCharleston_RusticWhite245 TSOSCharleston_RusticWhite254 TSOSCharleston_RusticWhite264

Check out TSOS website for more info on upcoming schools.